Do’s and Don’ts of Flower Girl Dresses

Any little girl who gets the chance to be a flower girl will cherish the memory long past her childhood years. And what’s the very best part about being a flower girl? Getting to wear a beautiful dress! When you are choosing flower girl dresses for your wedding, there are a few very important “do’s and don’ts” to be aware of before you hand over the money.

Read on for our list of the most important things to remember when choosing flower girl dresses…

Don’t use scratchy or tight fabrics

If there’s one thing kids aren’t subtle about, it’s being uncomfortable when wearing scratchy or unyielding clothing. Choose fabrics which are soft, breathable, movement-friendly and either stretchy or loose-fitting. A comfortable flower girl is a happy flower girl, and fabric choice is the first place to start.

Take growth into consideration

Let’s say your flower girls are between the ages of 3 and 8…they’re bound to grow a lot in the time between the first fitting and the big day. If you are buying flower girl dresses well in advance, it’s wise to choose a size up so the little ones can grow into the dress. If they don’t happen to grow as much as you’d thought, you can have the dresses taken in. Remember, it’s much easier to take a too-large dress in than it is to let a too-small dress out. Plus, it would be more comfortable and age-appropriate for your flower girls to wear dresses which are a little too roomy than a little too tight.

Do choose full, floaty designs

Choose designs which favour volume and movement, as opposed to straight or form-fitting designs. For one thing, floatier dresses are far more age-appropriate for little girls than narrower dresses. What’s more, your flower girls will have a lot more fun floating around in a princess-like dress than a straight, conservative one!

Do make sure white flower girl dresses are kept clean  

White is a popular colour for flower girl dresses…but it can be very hard to keep clean. If you’ve chosen white flower girl dresses, make sure the girls and their parents are extra careful about keeping food and drink well away from the dresses before the wedding. Suggest that the girls only get changed into their white flower girl dresses an hour before the wedding starts, once they have had a chance to eat and drink. 

Do choose embellishments and accessories

Flower girl dresses are the one aspect of your wedding which can be adorned with cute, sparkly accessories and embellishments. Don’t go over the top, but select a few accessories such a tiaras, purses and bracelets for the little girls to add to their outfit. For simpler dresses, have a few sequins, crystals, ruffles, lace or flowers sewn into the dress to add extra detail and style. Keep your details simple yet fun, eye-catching yet stylish.


When choosing flower girl dresses, keep comfort, age-appropriateness, volume and detail in mind. If you can find the perfect balance between whimsical, fun and stylish…your guests will be blown away and your flower girls will never want to take their dresses off! And remember…keep white dresses well away from sticky hands and dribbling juice.

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