Get Some Cool Wifi Names For Your Wireless Router

In today world the internet is used widely all over the world by billions of the peoples and most of the peoples use to surf the internet through WiFi.

To use a WiFi you must have a wifi router and you can set your Wifi name to some Best WiFi Name and make it more memorable and cool that when the users and the other peoples look over your network name and smile after looking at it.

If you are finding some Wifi Names for your router and want to know How to choose a good wifi name for your router then you are at the right place. Here I will share you some funny wifi names which you can set as your network name and make your neighbors shock.

Most of the internet users prefer wireless router over the wired internet connection because of the causes the wired internet connection is slower than the wireless internet connection.

When you use a wired internet connection then you have to buy wires as well but on the other hand, if you use a wireless router you just need a Wifi Router with an internet connection and you are ready to use your wifi with some crazy wifi name.

Without any further delay let’s jump into the list of funny wifi names for your router:

Funny Wifi Names For Your Router:

Here is the list of some Cool Wifi Names for your router so you can set these names as your router and make it a way cooler:


  • Only For The Beggars 
  • Insert Your Number Here ______ 
  • Not a Government Wifi 
  • Devices Not Found 
  • Your Device is not capable for this 
  • Don’t touch my Wi-Fi, connect to it 
  • Beware! We Can Hear You While Having Sex 
  • Your Mobile has been Hacked! 
  • No Free Internet Here! 
  • Click Here for Viruses 
  • Password is Password 
  • Its Mine Wi-FI None of Your’s 
  • My Neighbors Sucks 
  • NSA Surveillance Van 19 
  • Will you be mine Mrs 
  • Your IP is blacklisted 
  • You are standing on a barren land 
  • Stay an Inch Away From my Wifi 
  • Love is being stupid together. 
  • Scrawny Clowns Snatch 
  • My Wi-Fi and I am cool 
  • Router? I hardly knew her! 
  • Mind your own business 
  • Click Here For More … 
  • Mr. Wi-Fi 
  • Baby use this one 
  • Threat Detected! 
  • Making Wifi Great Again 
  • FBI Surveillance Van 
  • I am a Super Saiyan. 
  • I am hungry 
  • I am not perfect. I am Awesome. 
  • Swiss Internet 
  • Switch off your phone 
  • Teen Idle 
  • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her 
  • Personal Hotspot 
  • Please leave this Wi-Fi. 
  • Please no more grindcore at 3 am 
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi 
  • Restricted Area 
  • Property of my hot girlfriend only 
  • Property of my sexy wife 
  • Quit Using My Wi-Fi 
  • Rabies-infected Wi-Fi 
  • Stop Being A Mooch 
  • The LAN Before Time 
  • Nacho WiFi 
  • It Burns When IP 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Free Wi-Fi Available 
  • Get off My LAN! 
  • Get Off My Lawn 
  • Get Your Ownet Bro 
  • Good Wi-Fi 
  • Good Wi-Fi cool more than cold water 
  • Ha Ha next time lock your router 
  • Dora The Internet Explorer 

So these are some Cool & Funny Wifi names let us know in the comment section what are your reviews about these wifi names and also tell us some other funny wifi names in your mind.

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