How to Productively Spend Time Streaming on YouTube
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How to Productively Spend Time Streaming on YouTube

Since YouTube launched in 2007, it has been one of the largest social media platforms.  Well over a billion users consume video content each day. YouTube does not have a niche audience and is an open platform for everyone. In fact, the rise of content creators and monetizing opportunities delivered by the platform is a clear fact that it has been the mode of full-time careers for many.

In today’s fast-paced and digitally advanced world, YouTube allows people to broadcast videos from academic courses, DIY demonstrations, interviews, music, cinema, and TV trailers, comedy, live broadcasts, news, talk shows, and a plethora of other categories. Any content that can be visually formatted is available on YouTube. It is home to celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians, and many more.

A great idea is to watch interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs and notable personalities in the world of business. If you type “best interviews” in the search tab, you get to see thousands of results. Interviews with some of the greatest minds in the world are available on the platform. If you are specifically looking for a channel which is engaged in tech and finance interviews, then be sure to subscribe to “Tech Talk With Anu.” It is a video series by the incredible Anu Deshpande, who has remarkably established herself as a Silicon Valley-based investment banker, startup advisor, and independent investor. Anu and her vast network in the industry have provided a great experience for viewers.

Watching “Tech Talk With Anu” is the personification of killing time productively – which is something most of us aspire to do. In fact, her “Tech Talk” series quite possibly stands to be one of the best tech video series on the market.  Her interviews with interesting and experienced market leaders directly mean one-heck-of-a-conversation and flow of energy between two brilliant minds.

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