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5 Tips to Rewrite Content Without Sacrificing Quality

Content writing has never been easy when it comes to producing original work without referring somewhere. It happens to most of us, and it doesn’t cost to do so. Writing articles, blog posts or even essays and so many other pieces take a lot of quality time.

Therefore, you could spend less time to produce content by rewriting those already written through various proven ways. You can do it by taking essential ideas from existing articles and putting a new spin on them.

Also, you may not have to do it by yourself but instead, opt for a paraphrase service provider. It could help economize your time. Have a look at five tips that may assist in your next task as illustrated below.

1. Focus on ideas and not words

Be a smart writer by copying ideas from previous contents and using them to bring out a new one (as said earlier). If you divert your attention to words used and starts transferring them as they are, then plagiarism results. Nothing could be worse than this. You don’t have to copy words as they are in a given sentence but instead try to reword this sentence and make it seem original.

You only have to read the whole article first, get the message and write in your own words basing on those ideas. Referring from time to time should not be necessary since as long you have it in your mind, then “downloading” it on paper becomes simpler.

2. Paraphrase paragraph by paragraph

Instead of rewriting sentence by sentence, (time-consuming and involving) try going the paragraph way. It helps in avoiding over copying what others have written, and you will have higher chances of producing almost original work.

Thus, ensure you go through a large part of the content assigned before embarking on writing. You will easily rely on your understanding and end up with quality work.

3. Make essential changes where necessary

Just because you’re rewriting something doesn’t mean that you stick to the given content. Always offer your ideas especially where you disagree with the original content. Share your new information as long as it relates to the material needed.

It’s not always necessary to stay true to the given article. Remember, content assigned is only a single reference that guides your work. Don’t always depend on it entirely for the whole writing, not unless requested so.

4. Consider using online tools for effective paraphrasing of content

Most students and newbies mess up the whole idea of paraphrasing a paragraph by producing copied and heavily plagiarised work. You need to paraphrase the content of a section without losing its meaning. Go for a paraphrasing generator that will give you excellent results!

It will help in eliminating the hurdles of doing it manually. Also, quality work is guaranteed.

5. Create articles from points of series of content

Most blog posts, especially for marketing, have catchy headlines. For instance, you may have come across posts written as; “8 Guidelines for….” You can creatively convert each of the eight points into specific contents by expanding further on the ideas outlined.

You can also include practical or known examples as case studies to help show how well you understand the subject. It will help create new content from old posts which are of high value and hence, satisfying your client’s needs.


It doesn’t matter where you get your content from, in the end, quality stands out. Rewrite content in whatever form you may prefer but ensure the original idea remains.

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