Top best F-segment autos of 2018

The F-segment cars are the cars of the representative segment, about which almost every motorist dreams. A specific feature of the segment is the impressive size of cars, a great emphasis on the quality of materials, comfort and convenience of passengers, as well as the driver. Most F-segment cars assume the presence of a driver, since the owners themselves do not drive so often. Although our list includes such cars, driving which you can get real pleasure. Especially when using 14CARS services.

In a luxury car, the main criteria are high level of comfort; modern multifunctional equipment; large body dimensions; increased attention to the conditions of travel for passengers; high level of security; use of high-quality finishing materials, etc.

Some of the ‘luxury car category’ representatives are Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Lexus, Jaguar, Cadillac, Bentley and Aston Martin.

  1. Cadillac

  • CT9

Our luxury category is opened by a model from the Cadillac Company. The presentation of this model was held in 2015, but production started only at the end of year 2017. At the same time, the manufacturer immediately renewed the luxury sedan, adding a new multimedia system and offering several new options for the body color. The flagship of Cadillac is designed to impose competition on cars, which are also represented in our rating. The car was created with an eye to the maximum comfort of the rear passengers, where there are two separate armchairs with a huge space in the legs. Each seat is equipped with everything you need, including heating, ventilation, massage and multimedia monitors for 10 inches. The weakest engine produces 265 horsepower, and the top engine develops 404 horsepower. Simultaneously, the car is considered quite economical, because in a mixed cycle consumes about 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

  • XTS

Last summer, an updated version of this Cadillac was released. The exterior was renewed, there appeared a more expensive interior decoration and a new multimedia complex. The car looks solid and expensive, what attracts wealthy customers. Being at the wheel, you can feel the power and dynamics of an F-segment car, and from the rear, you are offered an enhanced level of comfort and all the conditions for a long trip to a business meeting, for example. In terms of technical equipment, engines from 325 to 410 hp are offered with the racing of the engine possibility to 100 kilometers per hour for 5.5 seconds.

  1. Aston Martin

  • DB9

A car, which almost every cinemaddict knows by the famous ‘Bondiana’. This is an Aston Martin F-segment car, which could not help but get on our list. Externally, the car looks like a racing car, although all conditions for comfortable trips are inside. The car offers high-quality trim, the most expensive materials, modern electronics, an excellent multimedia system and forceful power units. The latest update was the appearance of the ‘Carbon White’ version. This is a limited DB9series with exquisite interior, slightly modified exterior and high-performance power plant.

  1. Jaguar

  • XJ

XJ is the Jaguar’s new large luxury sedan. The car adequately represents the mark and deserves high positions in a rating of the best cars of the segment. Though the chic rear row for passengers here is offered, the majority of XJ buyers prefer to sit at the wheel themselves. This is due to the excellent dynamics, controllability and power of the car. Prior to the updates, some complained about the overly classic, outdated exterior. The manufacturer listened to the consumers and made some changes. Now Jaguar looks modern and relevant.


  1. Porsche

  • Panamera

A decent luxury representative from Porsche has caused a storm of emotion since its appearance, as it was something new for the company and fans of the classic 911. Panamera is really big, powerful and equipped with the most modern equipment in combination with high-quality finishing materials. For the passengers and the driver, excellent conditions have been created in order to get real pleasure from the trip.


An important advantage of Panamera is the relative availability. The car can be bought in an inexpensive configuration. Nevertheless, the model deserved its place in our rating due to premium-complete sets, which are worth a lot. This is a large spacious sedan with a sporty appearance and dynamic technical characteristics. In the car, you feel comfortable with a measured ride, but you can leave behind all the competitors on the track.

  1. Bentley

  • Continental GT Speed

A unique version of the Bentley car, which is available in a limited number of copies. The car is equipped with a 12-cylinder engine with a volume of 6 liters. Dynamics of acceleration, maximum speed are at the highest level. This is perfectly combined, with a prestigious appearance, classic for Bentley, interior design, a high level of passenger comfort and a chic interior. It is a car, which you will enjoy in every way. It is pleasant to look at, you can feel like a rider at its wheel, and on the passenger seat, all the functions provided for comfort are enjoyed.

  • Flying Spur

This is a car with a V8 engine from Bentley, which was lined up after the official presentation of the limited version. The car has a powerful engine that demonstrates a much lower consumption than the V12 version. Although the novelty is inferior at maximum speed ratings, for such a car it does not play a decisive role. It has earned its place in the top thanks to a comfortable cabin, thought-out passenger seats, modern equipment, stunning appearance, as well as motors with a capacity of 420-560 horsepower. In addition, the engine is taken from Audi, but it has the possibility of forcing from 420 to 560 hp.

  1. Lexus

  • LS

Fast, dynamic, but at the same time comfortable car from the Lexus, company deserved a place in our top. Lexus is considered one of the best brands in the segment of expensive cars. Engineers use the latest developments in the field of electronics, power plants, and security systems. In addition, much attention is paid to the comfort of passengers and the driver himself. Lexus LS has a very rich equipment, many additional options. This is all supplemented by exquisite appearance with an aggressive wild character.


The F-segment is represented by companies, which have good market positions and occupy leading positions in all sorts of ratings. Some manufacturers are engaged only in expensive, luxury cars, and in the range of others, there are quite budgetary and popular models. That means that it is quite possible to have an F-segment car for the reasonable price.

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