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How you can save money on siding installation

How your home looks from the outside matters, even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon. If you dislike the way your house looks and are annoyed by it every time to come home, updating the exterior can help create more personal enjoyment of your home in daily life. Siding installation can be a big job and it can be expensive. Here are some ways you can save on this exterior renovation project:

Do some research on different siding materials.

Before you call siding contractors, do your homework on different types of siding. Siding companies might want to sell you on a more expensive product and though it might be a good quality siding, you might not need it. Do some research on vinyl, wood, fiber glass and other siding materials you’re interested in. Learn how much these materials cost on average and choose the one you like that fits your needs and into your budget. Then when you speak to siding contractors, you’ll know more about the products they have to offer and can make an educated decision.

Be careful not to choose a siding product just because it is the cheapest. Your new siding installation should be durable, long-lasting and attractive. Cheap products will not last and you don’t want to replace the siding sooner than you should.

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Interview several siding contractors.

When it comes to home improvement projects, never hire the first contractor you speak to. You should contact at least three siding companies and obtain detailed estimates from each. A good siding contractor will visit your home to give you an accurate quote, don’t accept a quote over the phone without them seeing the house. The contractor you choose should have a competitive but reasonable price and should be a reputable, licensed and insured company.

Get quotes for the same product.

Since you’ve done your product research, you can ask the siding contractors to each provide you with a quote for that specific product. Then you can compare estimates for the exact same job side by side. Again, don’t just choose the one with the cheapest price. Check their references and proof of business licensing, insurance and WCB coverage. If there is one contractor that impressed you and had better references, but had a higher price, let him know about your other estimates. He might be able to come down in price. You should always hire a contractor you trust.

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