3 Types of Video Content That Can Be Created with Screen Recording

When most people think of creating video content, they automatically tend to think about the types of videos they can record using a video camera. However there are other ways to record videos – such as screen recording.

By allowing you to capture video footage from your screen, screen recording will let you create a much larger range of videos than you might realize. In particular there are three popular types of video content that you can create with it:

  • How-to guides or tutorials

If you want to create a guide or tutorial involving any digital product or platform – screen recording is certainly the best way to record the video footage that you need. It will let you capture the exact steps that are needed for the tutorial, as you perform them right there on your screen.

While it is often used for guides involving software or apps, screen recording can work just as well for guides to help people use online platforms and services, websites, operating systems, and anything else that you would do on a computer.

  • Expert interviews

Although conventionally expert interviews are recorded face-to-face, screen recording can provide an alternative: Conduct the interview via a video call on Skype or Google Hangout, and record it from your screen.

Not only will this make it easier on your part to record expert interviews, but for the interviewee it will likely be more convenient as well. All that you’ll require is a good internet connection and a screen recorder, and for example you could easily use Movavi Screen Recorder to record Google Hangout or other video calling platforms.

  • Product demonstrations or reviews

In much the same way screen recording will let you record video footage for a guide, it can be used to capture footage for a digital product demonstration or review. Simply put you’ll use it to record the product’s features and demonstrate them being used or discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Naturally this can be applied to any digital product – or service. For example you could use screen recording to create demonstrations or reviews of eBooks, online courses, or SEO services just as easily as you could use it for apps or software.

Each of the options listed above should give you an idea of the diverse types of content that you can create using screen recording. By this point you may already have some ideas of your own that you want to create, and if so why not get started? As you’ll find it is a lot easier and much more convenient to record video content using screen recording, and so you should be able to create your first video relatively quickly.

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