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Survival Tips in Wildlife- What Should You Do If You Run Out of Water?

Wildlife has its share of thrills and fears. If you are fond of adventure, you would love to venture into the jungle on your own or maybe with a group.No matter how experienced you are in the jungle, there is always the fear of the unknown. You never know what will happen on a particular trail. It is always good to be prepared. You must have the necessities in place and in case you run out of the water, you should be aware of how to collect and store it. Staying hydrated is important when you are in the wild, and you never know when this water you collect might be able to save yours or someone else’s life!

How to collect water in the wild?

When you are in the wild, you should always create priorities- the first being staying alive. Drinking water and finding a good food source will help you survive in the wild. When you are looking for water in the wild, take the leaves of the jungle and convert them into funnels. The leaves of the jungle are big and they can be easily converted into funnels where you can store rainwater. This water is safe for you to drink. Collect this water and keep it in your water bottle for later consumption. Remember when you are in the jungle, you need to stay hydrated all the time. Before you venture out into wildlife, make sure you carry many water bottles. Food and water are vital to your survival.

Streams – Sources of fresh drinking water for you

When you are looking for water in the jungle, do not take it from stagnant water sources. Look for freshwater streams. You often find animals like wild horses coming to these freshwater streams to drink water. These horses are not like their racing horse counterparts, the ones you see on TVG. They know clean water sources and come to the same place daily to drink. Follow their trail or the trail of other wild animals when it comes to freshwater bodies in the jungle. Collect water from these freshwater bodies and store them in your water bottles.

Find water in bamboo stalks and store it in your water bottle

In case, you do not have a water bottle to store drinking water, use bamboo stalks. These stalks collect water. When you are looking for bamboo stalks, look for those with lines on the trunk. Divide the trunk into compartments where you can effectively store water. In case, you cannot create compartments, simply bend the stalks so that the water can flow out easily.

When you are in the jungle, you must have sufficient water. Do not worry if you run out of the water. The above tips will help you collect fresh water that is safe for you to drink. Share these tips with others so that when they are in wildlife and do not have water with them, they too can collect fresh water that is safe for human consumption with success!

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