DUI In Maine – How To Proceed

Laws, in any country, are always made in the favor of protecting their citizen’s rights. People are mostly ignorant of this fact and even a miniature case scares them off, which shouldn’t be the case. Though Laws are made to maintain a decorum in our society, they are not friendly. Maine Law System takes offense against any of its law, pretty seriously. The best thing you can do if you are caught under any law is – hire an experienced attorney. An attorney will make sure to minimize your troubles in court.

DUI In Maine - How To Proceed


Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Operating Under the Influence (OUI) are two popular names followed by offenses of similar type such as OWI or DWI. These laws define driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs as a serious crime. DUI Maine Laws believe that consumption of drugs and alcohol impairs the senses of a person and affects his judgement.

What are the consequences of being charged with a DUI or OUI?

It depends on whether it is your first offense or subsequent ones. The legal Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC) is 0.08% as defined by DUI Maine laws. Maine is a zero-tolerance state. The legal BAC for riders below the age of 21, as defined by DUI Maine, is 0%! BAC test is done either by performing a blood test or a Breath Analyser. If the alcohol or the drug percentage is more than the amount defined by law, you are in trouble. You can be now be charged with a hefty fine and/or months of jail-time. Besides these, your license could be suspended for as long as 6 years.

DUI Maine Laws are a bit lenient if this is your first offense. But even after this, you could face a jail-time of 30 days, along with a fine of $ 500 and get your license suspended for 90 days. And don’t forget, this is the penalty for your first offense. Depending on your second or further offenses, the jail-time, the penalty sum and the duration of your license suspension increase to a great extent. So, what to do next?

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

For getting best immunity and minimum effect, it is best to hire a DUI Lawyer, the moment you get arrested. The outcomes and graveness of your adversities ahead because of your DUI offense depend on how you respond to the question of the police officer who arrested you and further interrogation. A good DUI Lawyer has considerable experience in the field and has a proper knowledge of all the blind-spots.

Any good DUI Attorney gives you a free consultation regarding your case. Choosing a good DUI Attorney is a tricky business especially when you have to choose among a lot. Here are a few qualities you should look for in your DUI Attorney.

A DUI Attorney should have good communication skills. It is one of the prime qualities to look for an attorney because he/she has to represent you in the court of law.

Choose a lawyer with a good field experience because, in matters of law, experience teaches you more than the books. The books tell you about the law while experience tells you the blind spots of one.

A good DUI Attorney has a great reputation. Client – satisfaction is his/her top priority. Ask for a few referrals of some previous clients for feedback on the attorney. Make sure the lawyer you choose has great reputation.

Hire an experienced lawyer and transfer the burden off your shoulder. DUI Laws in Maine is pretty strict and each step matters in deciding the outcome of your DUI case. Take the right step and choose your DUI Lawyer, now!

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