10 Best Tools for Self E-Learning

10 Best Tools for Self E-Learning

One of the best benefits we have as this generation has to be the access to a lot of information. It is definitely opening doors for a lot of people who cannot go to a formal education institute. The price of education is insane at the moment, but this should not stop us from continuing to learn new things daily. A lot of people are not taking advantage of this opportunity, but some merely don’t know where to start.

If you are at the point in your life where you want to learn a new skill or just educate yourself on a specific topic, you can find resources online. Offering paraphrasing services uk can become a reality if that is what you want to do. Learning to take beautiful photographs can be achieved. Whatever your dream is, these online tools can help you get there faster.

1. Ted

This one might be a little unconventional, but life is so diverse. Even though this site focusses mainly on technology, you can find a various amount of topics discussed. Some of us just need some basic information to kick-start our new journeys and this is a great place to start. Not everyone has the same needs, but we all need updated information as well as motivation.

2. Khan Academy

A self-learning list would never be complete without the leaders in free online educational resources. This website has been around for a long time, but has always been growing in popularity. You can find a lot of courses on Khan Academy and on various levels. Start with one course and choose level one. You will be able to educate yourself as if you were attending traditional classes.

3. Coursera

There just isn’t a site this diverse online. You can learn anything on Coursera and I’m not just saying that. Find courses on accounting, law and even a new language. If you want to learn how to reword paragraphs, you can find that on this site. Simply do a search for what you are trying to achieve and there will be a few options.

4. Wikiversity

Our brains are all different and so are our learning styles. Some people like the creative side of learning with images and sound. Others might prefer the textbook style learning and this is where this website comes in. For the more formal minds, you definitely want to check out this website.

5. Open Culture

Boasting with more than 700 courses on their website, Open Culture is moving up quickly. Do not be put off when you visit this website by its appearance. There are a lot of great gems hidden between the bland looking pages. Take your time to search through the courses or just do a quick search. Appearance is not always that important when it comes to learning.

6. Big Think

This site has thousands of videos based on a variety of topics for you to learn from. These videos have been compiled by people who are specialists in what they do. This ensures that you get accurate information at all times. Having access to industry specialists teaching you is far greater than we sometimes understand.

7. Saylor

One of the best self-learning websites out there is Saylor because it provides free education to anyone who needs it. It can be accessed in all countries, so you basically just need internet connection. We all know how to find a paraphrase tool online, but we need to know where to find free education. It is stated that the information on Saylor can help you learn anything up to a Bachelor’s degree level.

8. Codeacademy

We live in a world where everything operates online and having the ability to write code is crucial. A lot of schools in other countries are including this skill into their curriculum. We need to stay either up to date with developments or ahead of the times we are experiencing. You are never too you or too old to learn how to write code.

9. Academic Earth

Another fantastic website who believes that everyone should have access to education should be this one. For many of us, this website can be used in addition to the traditional learning backgrounds, but for some people it can be all they have. Anyone who is hungry to learn more can access this website and educate themselves from home.

10. Open Yale Courses

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to Yale and have access to some of the best courses offered worldwide. Learning from some of the best instructors does sound appealing. Now, we have access to a certain amount of information that no one can take away. All of the courses on this website are actually done by Yale professors, so you know you are receiving the best.

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