Sailing vacation

Sailing vacation (Italy vs. Croatia)

So you’ve just got yourself a yacht for that sailing vacation you’ve been waiting for since forever but alas a final hurdle presents itself. Will it be the azure waters of winsome Croatia or will it be the beguiling vastness of the Italian coast? That’s entirely your choice but this guide should help you determine the right destination for you.

Water activity

water sports

If you’re the kind of sailor who loves the adrenaline rush of water sports then you can look to Croatia for your daily dose of fun. Its waters are brimming with various sports- from snorkeling to windsurfing- thanks to the convenient wind and inviting weather conditions. Italy too is not devoid of water sport action but to a much lower scale though the country is still blessed with an alluring coastline just like its Adriatic counterpart. Pleasant sandy beaches are plenty in ether country.

Island count


When it comes to the numbers game, Croatia emerges victorious on account of its islands as it blessed with more than a thousand landmasses to explore namely the Pakleni chain of islands, Krocula and Brac just to name a few. For the curious sailor, this country is undoubtedly a haven like no other. Italy also has its share of beautiful islands such as the Tuscan islands but still it comes up short in the numbers game.

Sailing experience

More isn’t always better and although Croatia is in no way inferior to Italy given that they share the same baby blue waters of a common water body Italy nonetheless manages to pip ahead in terms of sailing experience. Many have lauded Italy as offering the better sailing experience however the country gets really crowded during the summer which can make sailing really expensive in terms of marina fees. Croatia’s nearly 6,000 km of coastline is conversely never devoid of secluded and private sections even during the peak vacation seasons.



Undoubtedly one of the major reasons for taking a sailing vacation is to discover what the world beyond has to offer and in terms of this criterion, Croatia is certainly the better destination. This Adriatic state has no shortage of coastal treasures from beautiful lagoons and caves to enthralling archeological and ancient, architectural marvels. On the other hand, Italy has the ‘Rome’ factor on its side which is usually a major factor for history enthusiasts.

Accommodation and cuisine


In terms of accommodation costs, Italy proves to be the more expensive destination as you can get hotel packages in Croatia for almost half of what you would pay in Italy. So if you plan to venture inshore to discover the treasures within, you’re better off sailing Croatian waters. The tables are turned when it comes to cuisine prowess as Italy’s famous snacks and exotic delicacies are known the world over. Croatia is also imbued with a rich cuisine comprised of divine seafood and indigenous plants however it is still some way off the former.

There you have it. So will Croatia be your sailing destination of choice or will you look further up the continent to Italy? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

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