The Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

When trucks and trailers exceed the set weight limit, they increase the risk of traffic accidents as well as damage to the roads. For this reason, it’s highly important that to make sure that your trucks comply with the weight regulations. Most of these trucks have dashboards that only have a temperature indicator, pressure indicator, fuel gauge, speedometer, ammeter, and odometer. There is no way to know the weight of the vehicle.

Recently, inventions have been developed for efficient overload screening. Onboard truck scales are now used to contribute to more efficient and safer truck operations. These devices have revolutionized the method of weight measurement. They produce more precise measuring of the load of the vehicle which is then displayed in the LCD in tones.

How They Work

Dependable weighing systems allow one to easily carry out high-volume weight measurements. On-board weighing solutions are really efficient. On-board weighing involves measuring the weight of what is “on-board” and hence the name. These systems maximize on efficiency without compromising on safety.

Let us learn more about how they function.

The weighing scales are fixed on the vehicle that you want to weigh. The scales are capable of measuring the weight of the load as it’s put into the vehicle. The scales also store the data for later use. Accurately analyzing what is loaded or offloaded will allow the owner to accurately calculate the costs and charges.

Types of Onboard Weighing Systems

Over the past couple of years, different types of scales have been developed. The most common ones are:

  • On-Board Truck Scales
  • On-Board Loader Scales
  • On-Board Skid Steer Scales
  • On-Board Cart Scales

Examples of application of onboard weighing 

The on-board weighing systems are used anywhere where the load inside the vehicle requires to be measured. Some of the areas in which they’re applied include bulk haulage, forestry, quarries, waste management, excavators, and forklift scales.

The Benefits Of Onboard Weighing Systems

Regardless of what you transport, the impact of both overloading and underloading trucks can be huge. Laws have been put in place to regulate with the weight of trucks. Hefty fines are charged to drivers who exceed the limits. An overloaded truck poses a safety risk to the driver as well as other road users; the driver will have more trouble controlling the vehicle making it prone to accidents.

On the other hand, an underloaded truck will have a significant impact on productivity and reduce productivity. It is, therefore, very important to maintain accurate records of the truck’s weight.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using onboard weighing systems to capture the weights:

  1. Offer absolutely accurate measurements thanks to their precision technology
  2. Eliminated overloading and its associated dangers
  3. Prevents the possibility of paying fines and penalties
  4. They’re cost efficient
  5. Save time; reduces the loading time
  6. Save manpower and energy
  7. Minimal damage to the transport vehicles
  8. Maximizing on the load means you make fewer trips
  9. You can monitor the performance of your business
  10. Flexible systems that can be used anywhere and on a variety of vehicle types

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