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Choosing the Right Lighting

Something to consider when you are interested in creating ambiance in your rooms is lighting. Just as other decorative elements in your home lighting is what helps in striking the right balance. To create interest in your home, it is important to make sure you have enough light sources. Apart from lighting your ceilings only, you also need to consider installing a couple of floor lamps, string lights together with a table lamp. It is possible to have many lights in your house and the fact it is advisable. There exist various types of bulbs that you can use in different places in your house. Bulbs come along with different shapes. There are candle lightbulbs and flicker light bulbs among others.  The most commonly used types of bulbs nowadays are the LED bulbs. This is because these types of bulbs are an improvement of the old incandescent bulbs that consumed a lot of energy. The LED bulbs are commonly used because they consume less energy as compared to the incandescent bulbs.

Flicker Flame Light Bulbs

A flicker flame light bulb is a type of bulb whose design looks like that of a flickering candle. This bulb’s design has a carbon filament on the inside of the glass. This carbo filament oscillates inside of the glass creating a flickering effect. These types of bulbs have the characteristics of low wattage power as compared to the standard light bulbs.  The flickering effect only occurs when you install the flicker flame bulb vertically.

Uses of Flicker flame light Bulbs

The design of the flicker flame light bulb was designed to mimic or replicate the Victorian-style gas lamp that was a common fixture in most colonial homes back in the day. Flicker flame light bulbs are used in various places. They can be used in porch fixtures, outdoor post lamps together with chandeliers and candelabras.

What are LED Light Bulbs

It has been predicted that LED lights will be the future of home lighting in most homes across the world. This is because LED light bulbs are known to use very little energy. These bulbs use little energy and last for a very long time, unlike the old incandescent light bulbs that consumed a lot of energy. These types of bulbs are usually bright when they are switched on, unlike the regular bulbs.

The early LED light bulbs had a low light output and were limited by their high prices.  The technology of the LED has improved over the years; this is because it is now possible to get a bright LED bulb that is efficient than the old LED bulbs and can replace the 100W old incandescent light bulb. Nowadays manufacturers use LED in almost all types of light bulbs. A flicker flame light bulb and a candlelight bulb can also have a make that is made of LED.  LED seems to be the future of light bulbs. Soon everyone around the world will be having a LED light bulb in his or her home.

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