How to Bring More Mindfulness to Your Relationship

Mindful people are happier, healthier and more successful.

That’s mainly because they don’t have regrets about the past or worries about the future, it’s pointless. They simply spend time here, and now, and make the most of every moment.

They are more grateful too as mindfulness brings appreciation. You are completely present, which makes you see all that you have and experience it.

There’s a connection to health too. Because you don’t have any unnecessary or anxious thoughts in your mind, you can sleep sound, can empty your mind during the day and thus be at ease and in harmony, can let your body relax too because the usual tension won’t be there and it has the tendency to cause actual pain in different body parts.

Now, let’s see how all this can be applied to your love life and maybe even help to save your relationship. Here is how:

1. Improve your communication.

To be mindful means that you won’t talk too much, but will instead listen more.

Often one of the reasons why couples break up is the inability to listen to each other. With this new approach, though, you’ll be the first to give mindful listening a try.

And when you actually begin listening to your partner, incredible things start happening.

You somehow learn more about him, can read between the lines of what he’s saying and see what he’s keeping to himself, show understanding and compassion by not reacting to what he says but simply listening to what more there is.

By doing just that, you communication will be smooth, you will be able to cheer them up when they need and your relationship will deepen.

2. Let your love grow.

By being present in your relationship, you won’t be bringing up things from the past. That usually goes together with reliving painful memories.

You also won’t rely on the future in any way. Some couples constantly talk about tomorrow and what can be different, and they miss out on spending some time together now.

When you’re around your loved one, be there with your whole being, smile about it, make the most of it. Feel lucky for having that person in your life. And without the need for words, be sure that he’ll feel the same.

3. Stop expecting.

Expectations can kill a relationship.

When people expect a lot from you, it doesn’t feel good. The same happens when you expect your partner to be someone he/she is not.

Expecting means not accepting a person for who he is, but wanting him to behave and think the way you imagine him to. However, he’s an individual, has his unique perception of the world and expresses it in a different way.

Don’t be judgmental. Don’t let your expectations ruin what you’ve built based on your initial attraction.

Understand that by wanting him to be who he’s not, you’re risking losing the person you fall in love with. Remember the things you like about your soul mate instead, let them be on top of your mind, rather than focusing on all that he’s not.

4. Be kind.

With the help of mindfulness, you’ll let go of criticism, blaming, having doubts about your other half and wanting him to change.

What’s left will be contentment, positivity, harmony and kindness.

Being kind to a human being helps him be the best he can be, grow and feel understood. If you begin showing that to your partner, your relationship will soon become more meaningful.

With such a strong connection, there will be nothing that can stand in the way of your love and friendship. No arguments will arise as you’ll accept each other’s opinion and try to show understanding, instead of getting angry.

And because you two won’t be expecting anything, you will always feel like you have the perfect partner and that things are exactly as they should be.

In what other ways can mindfulness improve your relationship, and how can you become more mindful today?

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