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8 Simple Tricks to Make Your Thesis Writing As a Game

Writing a thesis is definitely not an easy task, but you can do it in a more enjoyable manner. The enormity of the task itself can stress any student out. I am sure no one thinks of a thesis as a game, but rather a serious submission of what will be your final assignment. You can find a Malaysian thesis online or a USA writer, but what if you want to tackle this yourself without being stressed out? Well, we have the best tips to help you do well in your thesis while not losing your mind.

1. Team up

Working with someone else right next to you is a great way to enjoy writing a thesis more. The process of writing a thesis is a solo act, but even if you work and share ideas with others, it can make you feel less alone in the struggle. Even if you ask some of your friends to proofread some of your work, it still has some others involved.

2. Handwrite

This may seem like a tedious task, but it can actually make you feel very artsy while working on a serious project. Buy yourself an interesting book that inspires you. You don’t have to write your entire thesis by hand, but taking a break every now and then from the computer can be fun. Imagine that you are a successful writer sitting in a coffee shop working on a book.

3. Color code

Use different colors to code your research. These can be your notes or different books you would like to get through. Everything feels like a game when the colors of the rainbow is involved. Look at a Malaysian thesis online and get some different ideas.

4. Change your space

One thing I realised is that my environment often creates my attitude. If you have been stuck in your home office doing your thesis, switch it up. Do it outside or change the décor of your space. This can be very therapeutic.

5. Relax

Sure, this is an important part of completing your degree, but try and relax. This time will be over soon and you are going to be looking for something challenging to do. Relaxing through the process will allow you to do better, because your mind is at ease.

6. Focus on major questions

We become overwhelmed when we try and do everything at once. Focus on those questions that will be the highlight of your research. By doing this, you are automatically left with less work in your mind, although the end result is the same.

7. Proofread

If you don’t want to be stressed out about your thesis at the last minute, be sure to proofread every page. Proofreading Malaysia might be different from anywhere else, but it is a process that we all have to go through.

8. It’s not the end

Tell yourself that this thesis is not the end of your life. When you do that, you minimize the impact it will have on your emotional state. As much as this will be the last educational task you have to complete in a while, you have gained enough knowledge to take it on.

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