Tips for Cleaning Dog Hair Easily
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10 Hacks for Cleaning Dog Hair Easily

When you brought your furry friend home, I am sure one of the last things on your mind would be how to handle the fur he is going to spread all over your house.

Most dog owners know the agony of finding stray pet hair on their furniture, on their beds, on the floors and everywhere else possible.

And cleaning them is not always easy. Here are some simple cleaning hacks that you can follow in order to clean those thin and shiny menaces that your beloved dog sheds in your apartment.

1. The Duct Tape Hack for Clothes:

To get rid of fur from your clothes, use a roll of duct tape in order and pick up the loose pet hair. Keep them nearby so whenever you come across dog hair on you, you might just want to use the packing tape to pick them up from your body.

2. The Dampening Hack for Carpets:

Sometimes, you might just catch a glimpse of a fur garden on your carpet, which will probably make you say “Not again”. To get rid of it, simply dampen the carpet a little bit and then, using a rubber broom, roll all over and make a nice little ball of fur for disposal.

3. The Pumice Stone Hack for Carpets:

Another great trick for cleaning the fur off the carpet is scraping a pumice stone gently along the surface of the carpet. The hair will just gather up as you do so.

Plus tip: Vacuuming your carpet also works great. Simply go over the areas with fur twice in alternate directions and you will notice the stubborn hair coming off quite easily.

4. The Dampened Mop Hack for Hardwood or Vinyl Floors:

Furs on hardwood floors can easily be removed by dampening a mop. A damp mop easily attracts pet hair and is extremely helpful in collecting it. Do not forget to use a wood cleaning product later on.

5. The Damp Sponge Hack for Upholstered Furniture:

Like the damp mop, dog hair easily clings on to damp sponges or even rubber gloves. Use it to get rid of the hair sticking to your upholstered furniture by simply running the sponge over the furniture. You can also wear rubber gloves and run your hand over the furniture to get the same results.

Alternatively, you can also spray water and fabric softener on the furniture and then wipe away the hair.

6. Dryer Hack for Clothes:

Throw your clothes into the dryer with a dryer sheet for about 10 minutes. You will see extremely cool results. The reason?  Because the movement of the dryer loosens the hair and it all goes to the lint trap.

7. Window Squeegee Hack for Carpets:

Window squeegees are great not only to get rid of the cute nose prints from the windows, but, also to get rid of the fur from the carpet. Simply, rub it along the carpet a few times and see the amount of dog hair that comes out.

8. Humidifier Hack for Surfaces:

A humidifier helps to keep off the fur from clinging to the surfaces simply because of the moisture.

9. Rubber Broom Hack for the Bathroom/Kitchen:

Rubber brooms work wonders on tile, wood or linoleum floors. Simply clean the floors of your bathroom or kitchen with a rubber broom and you will see how all the hair comes out.

10. Maintain the Vacuum:

Keep the vacuum in good state by maintain it regularly. Why? – Because you will be using the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the hair most of the time.

Make sure that maintenance includes cleaning the filter of the vacuum, brush roller and checking the belt regularly for any kind of faults.

Well those are some simple tips and tricks for you to follow in order to easily get rid of the furs from around your house. While these tricks are useful to get rid of the hair due to shedding, it does not necessarily reduce shedding.

Dead coat can be attributed to shedding, it is something that is present in the dog’s undercoat but, is not attached to the skin itself. Now, this dead coat causes a lot of shedding and grooming your pet regularly will help reduce the shedding.

Here are some grooming tips that you can consider:-

  • Brush your pet regularly and this will help you to catch the dead coat hair for disposal. Try doing it at least thrice a week.
  • You can also try the FURminator de-shedding tool for a few minutes regularly and watch it work amazingly well for the shedding.
  • You can try vacuuming your dog. Well, crazy and terrible as it sounds, this tip usually works as the hair gets right off. But, make sure to do it very gently.
  • Regularly bathe your pet to loosen the dead coat for easier brushing off.

Besides some of these grooming tips, you might also want to try hair-proofing your home by furnishing your house with naturally hair resistant furniture or use objects that are made from anti-static materials around the house. Some of them include vinyl, tile laminate or hardwood floors, canvas, ultra suede, heavy duty cotton fabric etc.

And finally, you can also consider covering up the furniture and other surfaces where your pet stays with easy to wash slip covers and mats.

Well those are all the hacks and little points that you can follow in order to get rid of the hair. And the truth is there is actually no magical formula that will help to eliminate the fur-shedding all over the house but, regular maintenance and grooming always help.

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