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Unmatched Engagement Rate Makes Instagram the Top Choice for E-Commerce Business

Did you know that 80% of Instagram users are outside the US? This could be the single reason that makes it most attractive for an E-commerce business that yearns for global reach. When you take your business on Instagram, it will open the gateway for reaching out to 640 million users based outside the American shores. Indeed, it is a splendid opportunity of going global with your brands and business and perhaps one of its kinds that only Instagram can offer.  And there is more to it – you need not spend an extra penny on marketing on Instagram. In this age when businesses are vying for high visibility, Instagram places your business in the path of high growth. Besides gaining more visibility, it is imperative for businesses to engage closely with consumers, which also becomes easy when using Instagram.

Engage with consumers closely

To understand why it makes sense for E-commerce sites to take to Instagram marketing, you should consider its highly interactive features that boost engagement.  If you were looking for some social media platform that boasts of highly engaged users, then you would hardly find anything better than Instagram. On any given day, you would come across a very high rate of sharing of photos and videos among users that goes up to 95 million shares on an average. If you look at the number of likes that these posts garner cumulatively, it reveals a stupendous figure of 4.2 billion likes every day.

It is win-win for all

While the high engagement rate is a big benefit for marketers, Instagram also benefits from it greatly that creates a win-win situation for both. The advertisers take a keen interest in Instagram that enjoys the massive growth of users, having recorded 357 % growth and as a result, in the first six months of 2017, the number of advertisers on Instagram crossed the one million mark, which is double the earlier figure. In this article, we will dig deeper to find out the reasons for such high engagement rate and explore how you can make it better, whether or not you buy Instagram views.

Mobile functionality

The mobile functionality of Instagram is one of the reasons why it creates high engagement. With the explosion in the number of mobile device users especially smartphones, it seems things are working pretty well for Instagrammers. They can now stay attached to the exclusive mobile platform even when they are moving around. You can keep interacting on the platform on the go, as it is possible to post images on the platform that you take while you are on the move.  The dynamic nature of the platform allows users to enjoy the experience of being in the moment that naturally increases the attraction. The special offers, discounts, and bonuses that E-commerce sites offer to its consumers would hardly escape your attention, and you can make a killing from it.

The novelty of Instagram

Instagram has achieved the most difficult task of keeping things simple that has increased its attraction to youngsters who form the majority of users of the platform.  There is no denying that as compared to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter the platform of Instagram appears much simpler to users who find great comfort in spending time on the platform.  The gang of youngsters that dominates the platform brings in lots of fresh energy to the platform that most of the other and older social media platforms are unable to do. Spending more time on the platform automatically leads to increased engagement that E-commerce sites can use to their advantage in driving more traffic to websites that lead to higher conversions.

High visual appeal

Visual marketing outscores other marketing forms due to the innate human nature that quickly draws towards visual elements for communicating and consuming information.  Images help humans to gather and interpret information faster and conveniently. As Instagram is all about visuals only, it strikes the right chord with the majority of mobile device users who find it immensely attractive.  Almost the entire newsfeed comprises of images that span across horizontally and all images are of the same size and shape in the square format. The evenly presented images lend a tone of formality to the user experience.

Myriad functionality

The reach of Instagram is very wide as it has diversified functionalities and does not just focus on any single social function like LinkedIn that caters to professionals only. As it cuts across borders, it provides a highly extended horizon to users who can transcend across various platforms with ease. Naturally, Instagram can maximize its base of users as it can approach a larger section of people. The wide reach is a big attraction for E-commerce platforms that considers the entire world as a marketplace that it can target.

We will now look into the ways that can make Instagram even more effective for marketers through higher engagement.

Use powerful images

Be selective in using images on Instagram because it must have the capability of communicating the right message to viewers and eliciting the right response.  Even if you are not a master photographer, take help from those who are experts for creating appealing posts that truly speak more than thousand words. Stronger images would make it stand out in the newsfeed and earn you brownie points.  Ensure that the subject matter is clear and in focus.

Make it worthwhile for followers

To be very sure that you can bolster the already high engagement rate, you must devise ways of rewarding your followers so that they find more reasons to stay attached to your account. From a simple thank you message to providing freebies and discounts there are many ways of ensuring that the followers hang around with you.

Besides keeping followers happy, you must encourage them to take some positive action and drive them towards it.  This is the only way to add profits to the campaign. Use some emphatic call to action (CTA) in the post that can make you smile.

About the author: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional. His fascination for Instagram is quite understandable, as it has won him accolades in his professional career.  Before you buy Instagram views, you can always seek his views.

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