4 Places Tourists Hardly Miss In Delhi

4 Places Tourists Hardly Miss In Delhi

Are you going to Delhi from Mumbai to attend an event? Well, if you have some days off, then why not make the most of your Delhi trip? Exactly, why to rush when you can stay there for a couple of days and explore amazing places of this city and its surroundings?

In case, you have an event in the evening then why not look for a flight as per your plans? You can look for the apt time in Mumbai to Delhi Flights Schedule and pick the ones that suit your timing. In this way, you can attend the event and can even explore the different tourist spots that Delhi has to offer.

Lodhi garden

Lodhi Garden is one of the finest places to visit in Delhi and the finest part is that it is absolutely free. If you think that it is just a garden then you are wrong.  It possesses the fifteenth-century architecture that too from the Sayyid and Lodi Dynasties. You can find history, beautiful nature, utmost peace, locals and a lot of beauty at this place.

Humayun tomb

People do wonder Humayun’s Tomb was the inspiration and motivation behind TajMahal’s architecture but there have never been credible sources that second so. The architecture and building look a lot like the grand TajMahal, except it is constructed using red sandstones. As the name says, the place is the tomb of Humayun, one of the Mughal emperors who ruled Delhi. It might interest you that the construction of the Humayun tomb took 9 years. It was started in the year 1565 and completed in 1572.

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

Bangla Sahib is undoubtedly one of the most visited Gurudwara in Delhi. Bangla Sahib is linked with the 8th Guru HarKrishan. Like most of the Gurudwaras, there is a splendid pool within the compound. There is a golden dome on the top; it is a type of like more famous Golden temple in Amritsar. The whole complex lights up during the time of evening and night and the reflection of the gorgeous dome looks remarkable in the water. So, if you have any plans to visit this Gurudwara, then you must go there at night. You would have even a more superb experience.


JantarMantar is a huge sundial that was constructed to measure the time but lately it has morphed into a site for political protests. There are all in all 9 JantarMantars in Delhi. ThisJantarMantar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was built in 1724.  The place has three instruments for calculating time within Delhi’s JantarMantar. These are called theSamratYantra, the Jayaprakash, and the MisraYantra. You would find this place really creative and somewhat scientific.

So, there is much to explore in Delhi if you have time on your plate. Whether old Delhi or New Delhi, you have variety stored for you. Since you can create some time for exploration, you should not miss out the chance for sure. You would witness the spots that you read in books and seen in the movies!

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