What’s The Right Age To Place My Child In Boarding School?

What’s The Right Age To Place My Child In Boarding School?

Deciding whether to enroll your child in boarding school can be a tough decision.  While you understand the many benefits of sending your child to boarding school, it can be scary to let your child go to a school far away from you.

However, many parents feel that the advantages of boarding school far outweigh the disadvantages and choose to give their child their best shot at making it in this competitive world. In fact, according to The Association of Boarding Schools, boarding school students are more likely to earn advanced degrees than those who do not attend.

This fact alone can be convincing enough for parents to choose to enroll their child.

The thing is, knowing at which age to enroll your child in boarding school is another dilemma.

While the world used to watch the legendary Princess Diana drop her boys off at boarding school at the young age of eight, some parents feel that putting their child in such a rigorous school environment that young is not necessary.

In fact, that’s why some schools, such as the college prep schools in California, take only older students to prepare them for university life and their future career.

If you are unsure about what the right age to enroll your child in boarding school is, keep reading for to find out what kind of traits the best boarding school students exhibit and measure them against your child.

You never know, your young child may be more ready than you think.

Curiosity About the Natural World

Students that thrive best in boarding school tend to be curious about the world in which they live.  They want to know how things came to be, how things work and strive to learn as much about the natural world as possible.

Even if you feel your child is a bit young to enroll in boarding school, identifying this tendency can show you whether your child might be a good candidate for boarding school when they get older.

Artistic Tendencies

Is your child deeply involved in the arts?  Do they thrive off being creative, playing musical instruments, or performing in front of audiences?

If so, your child might be ready for boarding school.

Many boarding schools offer intensive performing arts programs designed to prepare your artistic child for a future of success.  And, the younger your child begins to master their creative abilities, the more likely they are to succeed.

An Ability to Connect with Others

Some children, at the age of eight, fear to leave their parent’s side.  Instead, they thrive being around people that care for them and supervise them.  These children also tend to be shyer and have trouble making friends, only because they are more introverted.

While being an introvert does not discount a child’s ability to thrive in boarding school, it can signal to you that they need to be a bit older before enrolling in a school that disrupts their routine.

On the other hand, some small children have natural tendencies to connect with others.  And this sense of independence has the potential to make them an excellent candidate for the boarding school environment.

In the end, there is no real answer to the question “At what age should I enroll my child in boarding school?”  And while some personality markers may make the decision easier, it is up to how you and your child feel.  When the time is right, both of you will know.

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