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Use Social Media To Enhance Your Business Performance


The soaring increase of people using social media has brought about changes in ways people consume information online – especially when it comes to shopping. How can businesses with lacking experience improve and take advantage of this opportunity? The increase of users across all platforms improved upon the marketing value social media offers to businesses. Knowing that this trend is still growing with no end clearly in sight, businesses turn to online marketing.

Using social media in an effective way is becoming a primary source of marketing exposure for most emerging businesses. This is far from a fad or some trendy path entrepreneurs take in order to increase revenue. In addition to the huge amount of eyes your business will attract, social media allows interactions with your consumers in ways conventional marketing can only dream of.

Everyone is online, small businesses are religiously using online campaigns to boost their sales. There are ways to improve upon this usage, especially for newcomers to this scene. Below I will list points that are crucial in understanding the aspects of social media and how it can improve the quality of online marketing.

Cost-effectiveness of online marketing

This is a unique aspect of social media marketing, making it a preferable alternative to traditional alternatives. If a business opts for a billboard, magazine ad or a TV commercial, the target audience for the ad is highly skewed. Algorithms that analyze the user data are linked to numerous data clusters connected to the user in question. Examples are likes, interactions with other users, text pieces, etc.

Utilizing the power of such technology allows the best bang for a buck when it comes down to narrowing down potential clients. Inefficient marketing is considered a money drain. Social media allows the best reach for the least amount of money, ushering an easy conclusion as to why small businesses opt for this avenue of marketing. An important thing to remember is to always use a URL shortener like Capsulink when sharing any links on social media because that way you can track how many people click on the links and the statistics stay private. Also, using branded short links is an easy way to increase brand awareness.

Interacting with consumers

Exposing a business on social media opens up a two-way communication channel between a business and its consumers. This allows for quick feedback, opinions, and data that opens up a way to better understand consumers and how they relate to the product in question.

The benefits of consumer interaction increase the overall brand awareness. Creating a recognizable brand persona is vital when opting to go down this route. If a business nails the way it goes about forming their brand voice, the key audience will engage in a much more beneficial way for the business.

Transparent metrics of success

The biggest upside to using social media as a primary source of marketing is the transparent metrics businesses can use to measure the success of their campaigns. Not knowing the success or failure of an ad is the biggest flaw still present in conventional marketing. Offline advertising is basically a coin toss due to the lack of returning information.

To avoid crippling the efforts of marketing in terms of time and money consumption, focusing on online advertising is what most upcoming businesses do. The additional benefit of marketing via this channel is the ability to modify or change ads entirely if they are not providing the desired effect. This allows for adaptive marketing campaigns that can get changed on a whim.

Cross-platform with taste

When diving into the waters of various social media platforms, most businesses tend to establish themselves on every single platform – because why not? The reason why it is best to pick a couple of available platforms is the intensity of management that has to be put into maintaining the presence.

Platforms attract different audiences according to their interest and age demographic. Twitter and Facebook are general platforms covering most age groups and interests. Instagram and Tumblr are great for reaching younger audiences and females. LinkedIn covers business industries and their talent – great for business related products.


Obtaining leverage on the market through digital presence grants the necessary space to create financial success. Most products today include marketing costs in great amounts within their product price. Taking advantage of digital marketing allows for this price to become definitely lowered, gaining the upper hand against the competition.

Constant monitoring, engagement, and adjustments of online marketing strategies are the keys to success in the blooming digital space.

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