Working Students: TOP 5 Work Opportunities You Have Never Considered Before
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Working Students: TOP 5 Work Opportunities You Have Never Considered Before

Student years mean much for everyone. Whenever you live, you have a chance to travel somewhere to the end of the world to get your study there. Boston is a good example of active university life. It makes students to live and study with pleasure. Of course, modern students have a unique chance to have a road trip to the around places. Young drivers can use under 25 car rental Boston stop points for Boston trip. This location is friendly for underage driving. Take your chance! Nevertheless, Boston is good not only for student travel, local attractions, education. It is also good for job search.

Part Time Jobs for Students

Boston University can be helpful for job search. Many reasons can be found to find a job while attending the university. It’s not only about the summer vacancies, but also part time work in the process of your study. The main advantage of it: this is your chance to earn more money for your college expenses. Also, part time job is the best way to start your career and improve your resume as well. You meet new people, get experience and earn money. Boston University students usually face with two kinds of job offers:

Federal Study and Work – this is a kind of government award for students, who show their financial eligibility.

Student employment – it is a possibility for all enrolled students to find a job through the Student Employment Office.

Meanwhile, you may try to find a job while you are in study. There are popular vacancies for students that everyone knows. You can try your skill in freelancing, teaching, assisting. There are also jobs that you didn’t pay your attentions before.

The bear says no to the cuts - TAFE teachers and students rally outside Premier Baillieu's office

  1. Public Relations (PR)

PR job is a good variant for enthusiastic and social people. If you are a student, you are close to the student jib market, you are part of it. There are many world brands that are ready to pay you for using them and sharing your opinion in you FB timeline. Do you think this is a kind of easy money? PR needs people to people communication. This kind of work is especially useful for students, who are interesting in making marketing career in future. This is the best way to learn communication and form contacts. Where to start? You may simply contact to your favorite brands and ask for part job.

  1. Coaching

Of course, parents are ready to pay big money for coaching. If you are sure you are strong in your subject, you can put more money into the pocket. You need to be skilled, patient, smart. This is a fantastic way to improve your skills and language practice. If you are good in English or math, use your skills to make money of them. Where to start? You can find a guide online about how to start the coaching career. And don’t forget that you need it also.

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  1. Resident Assistant (RA)

Resident assistant attracts every student who used to live in the student campus. Do you like student life? You can control a place you are living now: you will contact to students who come to tell about their household problems. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t solve the problems on your own. You are a kind of mediator between students and resident company. Technically, you are paid. In real, you can live in the student campus for free. It can save your money a lot. Where to start? Just contact to resident company in the university.


  1. Children Day Care

If you have a sister of brother, you don’t need to get special training. This is the best way to get some additional money for you. The most of parents work 5 days a week. They need someone to take care about their kids after school. If you feel comfortable with kids, you should try. The money is good. If you are a driver and have a rich experience in student travel, this must be a big plus. There are many variants of your jib development. This experience can be rather useful if you’ll decide to use Au-Pair service to find a job somewhere abroad.

Where to start? Of course, you should contact to special agency to get some training and start your work. There is also a variant to as your friend, or your friends’ friends about available vacancies in their families.


  1. University Work

University work is the most popular and easy-to-get job. This is a variant to make money just from your student campus. The most of universities try to hire their students for good money. The night shifts are popular and also well-paid. There is one more variant – work for publicity. You can speak from and in behalf your university to attract more potential students the next year.

Working students are not a rare thing in the modern world. Student life must be different. This is your task to make it bright and useful. Part time jobs are well-paid and can be a good addition to your budget. Where to start? Try to start from your university. Plan your study, free time and then go for job hunting. Good luck!

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