Increased Adoption Of Software Development Outsourcing In India Today

As the information technology industry in India continues to rise, the end-user spending on the market is forecasted to rise as well. IT end-use spending in the country stood at 77.4 billion US dollars in 2013. Today, it has exponentially grown.

Increased Adoption Of Software Development Outsourcing In India Today


Software development outsourcing companies in India are highly sought after. A company that wants to outsource is software services, then outsourcing to India is an ideal choice. The country is a pioneer in outsourcing, and has been providing a huge range of service. India has skilled professionals who could provide professional, high quality services at competitive rates.

Hiring software outsourcing companies in India could help save from forty to sixty percent on operating expenses. The software development companies only hire skilled, trained and qualified software professionals. Nowadays, there are so many software development organizations in India. The reason is because there are many engineering colleges and IT colleges that provide top notch education and training to the younger generation. Why hire software developers from India? Check this out.

  1. Highly skilled. In India, there are over 3,500 engineering colleges that churn out highly qualified graduates in information technology as well as other related fields. The country has a robust focus on boosting the number of engineering colleges, thus it has become a powerhouse in the world market. Moreover, there are also a lot of IT companies that train the new graduates and give them proper training to work professionally.
  2. Communication network infrastructure. The communication network infrastructure in the country currently is one of the best in the world. These include the following:
  • 4G Technology internet. The latest internet services is one of the miracles of the era.
  • Fiber optics. There’s a shift from analog cables to completely digital internet connections.
  • Internet speed. Over 21 MBPS speed, eve with the simplest 4G internet forms.
  1. Knowledge on new technologies. Indian companies are adopting new trends in the development of software platforms as well as using the latest programming languages. Moreover, they take initiatives in updating the knowledge of the staff on new technologies and new languages that make them stronger at their domain.
  2. India focuses on IT. The government is very supportive of the IT sector. Thus, a further boom in the information tech sector could be expected in the years to come. New government policies definitely will attract more international companies to set up shop in the country. This will not only attract them, but the number of well qualified and experience software developers would be a reason to choose the South Asian country.
  3. Lower cost of living, lower development cost. India is still a developing country, even if it has developed in the IT field, to one that is the same in a western country. Presently, the costs of living are very low. This also reflects in overall IT expenses that would come down considerably. The cost advantage could be very beneficial to clients abroad.
  4. English is commonly spoken. The English language is a major thing, which greatly influences the attractiveness of the nation. Around 90 percent of schools operate mainly in English. Thus, even kids are getting contact with the language. Definitely, English is no a barrier for Indian developers.
  5. Tax advantages provided to Indian software organizations. Currently, there are a lot of initiatives to lower the tax burden on IT organizations. This would make it much more attractive to outsource to the country or to set up office in the area.
  6. Communication infrastructure high availability. The country has made efforts to boost its communication infrastructure. One particular example is the opening of the communications market to international investors. This led to big investment initiatives by foreign and local organizations in the last few years.

Information technology in South Asia is growing, and so are the software developers. Anyone who decides to conduct business in India could benefit from the advantages mentioned earlier. Of course, organizations have to be careful when looking for software partners, since just like anywhere else, not all of the service providers keep a high quality standard and high ethical code.

Despite the stiff competition of software development in various places in the world, competition from other nations throughout the world, India still wins the lion’s share in the world of software development outsourcing. Software outsourcing India enjoy an eight-five percent share of outsourcing projects in the world. Even with the tough competition and the changing needs of business organizations, majority of the big organizations in the world still go for software development in India.

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