Silly Mistakes That Can Be Avoided While Playing Online Rummy

Silly Mistakes That Can Be Avoided While Playing Online Rummy

The game of online Rummy requires undivided concentration and focus. There is no room for any carelessness. It is as simple as that. Even a minute misjudgment arising out of carefree attitude can take the game away from you.

 No expert Rummy player will allow it to happen as they know the price that they need to play making it. So, let us see what type of silly mistakes that can happen while playing Rummy and how to avoid them.

Losing focus on opponents:

The word “focus” is probably the watch dog for any player, in the absence of which he loses the hold on the game totally. So, what should one focus on? A player’s move is not independent. On the other hand, your moves are normally influenced by the moves of your fellow players. It is their pick-ups and discards that trigger your moves. So, you should carefully analyse your opponents’ game not losing focus on them. Missing to remember or see your opponents’ move is the silliest mistake one can commit and repent.

Holding high value cards:

You should be smart in dealing with high value cards like A, K, Q, J while playing Rummy. If you are going to hold onto the cards long enough you will be facing the risk of burdening yourself with more points. Therefore, you should be smart in dealing with them. Forming Pure sequence which is the main objective of any Indian Rummy game is not done with high value cards. So always give it the last priority and discard them one by one whenever you feel you are struggling to make sequences / sets and reduce the points burden before your opponent declares. Holding high value cards is a typical mistake that players make.

Delaying the drop:

Prolonging a meaningless deal is another silly mistake that a player can make. As soon as you are dealt with the cards, going by your experience, you should be able to judge if you will be able to complete the sequence before others. If you are unsure of the same, you should not hesitate to drop the game immediately. In case you keep awaiting your successive turns for better cards, you will face a big defeat from which you will not be able to recover easily.

Continuing even when defeats become a habit:

The addictive nature of the game induces you to keep playing with the hope of at least recovering what you lost. A prudent individual will not yield himself to such addictions when he is on a losing spree. The best way to deal with continuous losses is to take a break from the game and commence it once you are confident to play the game again. If you continue to play inconsequential of the results, this mistake can haunt you badly for ever.

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