Coping With Stress
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Coping With Stress

When it comes to living our lives, there’s plenty of both good and bad. It’s a mixed bag, in other words, and there can be plenty of times that we feel like giving up. These times happen to many of us, but what you may not know is that they are a fact of life for people living with mental illness. I, myself, am afflicted with depression, and I’m “over everything” every other day, and I lose the will to try. If it was wasn’t for my loving fiancee having my back and our dog needing taken care of, I’d be a broken down mess. When these moments come, however, you need to be ready to take the right steps to mitigate the bad with a little good, for lack of a better phrase. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the bad go away.

First and foremost, as a smoker, I can’t help but reach for a smoke when I’m stressed. It’s a nasty habit, to be sure, but it sure does help to have a crutch. However, when it comes to cigars, maybe the habit isn’t quite as nasty. Or as much of a habit, for that matter. Cigar smoke isn’t meant to be inhaled like cigarette smoke. It’s actually meant to be tasted, so it never enters the lungs. As such, its reach is limited, and so the addictive nature of the nicotine doesn’t really sink in quite as well. Furthermore, a single cigar could last quite awhile, as they tend to be quite large, and we tend to associate them with special occasions. So, if you’re a smoker that needs a fix during times of duress, consider grabbing a box of cigars from JR Cigar instead.

Another way to help calm your nerves in times of duress is to simply take a nice hot bath. Hot baths are great for two things. The hot water will relax your muscles that are tense from stress, and the quiet solitude will help you clear your mind. That makes this a great way to rejuvenate your body and your soul.

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