How To Handle Movers Efficiently

How To Handle Movers Efficiently

You have found a perfect apartment or an independent home for yourself. And there has been a lot of congratulatory messages and wishes from everyone. Amidst all the smiles and nods and greetings, you are worried about moving. After a lot of recommendations and research, you found a moving company within your budget. You want to take a long sigh of relief, however, you still won’t. There are fears and doubts still looming above your head. You have at least twenty questions to ask. No, it’s not the game. You want to know how things usually work out once you have a deal with the movers. Let’s get to it.

How To Handle Movers Efficiently

Talk about the time

Okay, you have completed your paperwork and shook each other’s hands. You officially have the movers. One less thing to worry about. First, talk about date and time. If you have opted their service along with packing, you have to ensure the boxes are delivered at the time you have given to them. You will also tell them the number of boxes you need and if you need help with the packing. Discuss if they would like to come and check the house before they estimate the size of the vehicle too. And don’t forget to respect their timings too. You can’t ask them to come after your return from work.

Talk about the items

Once you set the date and the time. The representative from the company will estimate your items and furniture. They will come back and deliver the boxes. If you have opted to pack it yourself, they will return on the day of moving. However, if they are packing, you have to guide them while they place the items in the box. While they do their job, observe the process of packing. Check if they have brought or will bring the protective wraps, bubble wraps and mats to carry the furniture. Do they have lifting equipment to carry the items, if your current house is on one of the top floors of the building? Do they require you to disassemble the furniture such as tables and beds?

Talk about responsibility

Sealing and labelling the boxes is your responsibility. You can even sort out the order of the items that goes first into the vehicle until the last one.  Of course, you have to take their suggestion while doing so. You don’t want the boxes to flip or fall over. Though the paperwork will have all the insurance and damage cost information, on the day of the move, talk to the representatives about being careful. Let them know which box contains delicate items, electronics or decorative. Be friendly. Also, make sure they are not done until all the items from the vehicle is placed in the house and until you check the back of the vehicle thoroughly.

Well, that’s pretty easy. Now, there’s one important thing that you have to do. Don’t keep the movers waiting for too long. You expect them to turn up at your doorstep at a certain time. So, you must make sure all the boxes are ready to be moved as soon as they arrive. Doing so will help you too. You can save a lot of time and reach your new home on time and since you have a little more time… you can do things without rushing.

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