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Roadtripping In The USA: A Foreigner’s Guide

When it comes to roadtripping, there is a reason that the USA has long been considered a top destination for travelers. With thousands of miles of open roadway, dozens of attractions and national parks, and hundreds of RV parks spanning the length of this massive country, you just can’t beat the USA when it comes to embarking on an RV adventure. Many thousands of travelers venture into the USA from other countries each year to sample the joys of the American traveling experience. Being a foreign traveler comes with its share of issues, but as long as you are well prepared you will be able to enjoy your trip with minimal difficulties. There is no need to fear US travel due to being a foreigner, so just take the following into account before you head to the RV rentals establishment and begin your American journey.

Roadtripping In The USA: A Foreigner’s Guide

Research Your Route

One of the first things that amaze foreign travelers is the vast nature of the US landscape. Cities and destinations that appear close together on a map are in reality hours away from one another. This is why you need to carefully research your trip ahead of time. Make sure to take into account driving times and to leave in some room for spontaneous side trips. The sheer size of the USA can be overwhelming, so make sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Concentrate on exploring individual regions that will be easy to get around. The last thing you want is to spend your trip frantically driving for hours because you have misjudged the length of time to your next destination. Just like with any trip, make sure to take some extra care in planning your route in order to avoid any hassles and missed connections.

Roadtripping In The USA: A Foreigner’s Guide

Pre Book Camp Reservations

Unlike in some other countries, RV traveling is serious business in America. There is an entire industry catering to the many thousands of RV travelers who hit the road each year. Although there may be hundreds of RV parks spread out across the nation, you will be surprised to find just how quickly space fills up at the parks even in the off season. Never assume that the sheer quantity of parks will guarantee a space for you. Just to be sure, you should always book far ahead in order to make sure you won’t become stranded without a place to stay once you reach your destination.

Know The Laws

Despite being the land of the free, you must realize that local laws differ from state to state and that many of the laws may be far different than those in your homeland. The last thing you want is to end up facing tickets and fines, or worse, so make sure to take a close look at the laws in the area you will be traveling in. For example, although it may be perfectly fine to enjoy a beverage in public in your home country, in many municipalities in American this can land you with a hefty fine or even a night in jail. The same goes for driving laws such as seat belt usage and texting or talking while driving. Just a quick look at the local laws in the states you will be traveling in can save you a lot of trouble on your journey.

Roadtripping In The USA: A Foreigner’s Guide

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Friends

One of the great things about RV travel is the sense of community that exists amongst fellow travelers. There is an entire network of adventurers who keep in contact with one another throughout their travels, meeting up at certain points along the road and sharing their travel stories. Camping in the USA is not an isolated experience. Make sure to speak with the travelers you come across at campsites and at destinations along your route. With these individuals you can share information, pick up important tips, and gain knowledge of certain areas that you had not known before. You may even end up making good friends that will last your lifetime. American travelers are a friendly and helpful breed, so make sure to take full advantage when out on the road.

Message Boards

There are dozens of RV message boards on the net where travelers share information on campgrounds, individual destinations, tips on campers and rigs, and much more. There are even individual boards dedicated to certain areas, and you may find one that specializes in the area you plan on traveling in. These boards are a truly great source of information and knowledge. All it takes is a quick Google search for you to come across some incredibly valuable information that will greatly aid your journey.

Traveling in the USA as a foreigner doesn’t have to be full of hardships and worries. All you have to do is be prepared and do your research and you will be sure to have an enjoyable trip on the American roadways.