Common SEO Mistakes That Do Affect Your PageRank

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one campaign or tool that is used by online marketers to improve the page ranks of their websites. PageRank is of paramount importance in online marketing as it is directly proportional to the amount of visitors that you get on your website. However many site owners and webmasters commit serious mistakes in their bid to improve on their PageRanks. This certainly affects the ranking of their pages online.

Duplicate content

Duplicating your content across the whole entire web can affect you pages as the search engines try to index your site. Search engines are only able to index articles the first time and not when they have been duplicated. If another site uses the same article similar to that of your site, your page rank may decrease. Making use of original content is an important technique to achieving great goals in SEO.

Bad keywords

It is important that you make use of the right keywords in your SEO campaigns. Making use of too many keywords within your content and repeating them can have a negative impact on your SEO campaigns. It is always tempting to make use of many keywords related to your site, but if you make use of irrelevant keywords in your content, your page rank is affected negatively.

Bad titles

Titles are given much more focus by search engines as compared to the content of the articles. If you do not make use of keywords within your titles, your page rank is bound to suffer. You must consider your titles to be of paramount importance, including the subtitles within the content and the images.

Few updates

Lack of regular updates within your site affects your page rank. You must ensure that you regularly post information on your website so that the search engines continue to index your site regularly and hence improve your page ranks.

Ignoring images

Images are useful on your site when it comes to fascinating viewers on your site. It also improves the design of the site in general. Just as written content images are useful when it comes to improving your page rank. By ignoring keywords you will be loosing out on the possibilities of improving your page rank.

Resorting to Black Hat practices

SEO practices that may include the use of hidden text and purchasing links have been blacklisted by search engines like Google for example. These are termed “Black Hat” practices and are known to make your page rank fall, or in some instances your page may be removed for ever from the search engine results.

Non-related links

Backlinks can aid to your search engine rankings but only quality backlinks are useful in this regards. Links from non relevant sites or those with bad content can affect the ranking of your page.

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